What got me into YouTube and how do I get subscribers?

Just a bit of a background on me and how I got started on YouTube.  I worked night shifts as a counsellor and was really bored at 3 am one morning and just decided that was the day I’d record my first episode!  I was always asked by my niece and nephew to become a YouTuber because I would be the best EVER!  So I did!  I kept doing videos for a year and had a minimal amount of subscribers but never let that deter me from doing what I loved, playing games!  I started off playing Minecraft and got onto a server with a few other YouTubers who were quite successful.  After being on the server for around 6 months it unfortunately came to an end but fortunately opened another door for me.

It was at this point that I decided to try and get early access to games and started to google just that.  After hours of research and sending out hundreds of emails I got a response from a company stating they were giving me a free copy of a game to play and review.  From this point on I continued sending out emails and searching for PR people who could potentially help me out.  After 3-4 months of hard work and what seemed like thousands of emails I had started to establish a name for myself and was receiving a number of games each month.  I made a promise to myself when I started YouTube to put out one video a day for my entirety on the site but, unfortunately I wasn’t able to do that because I had too many games to play!

I bumped that number up to 3 videos per day and have now maintained that for over a year now.  I am currently over 1700 videos and loving every minute of it!!

Now I know a lot of people ask “How do I get more subscribers on YouTube!?”  Well the short answer is you get lucky!  I have spoken with a few YouTubers (some with over 1 million subs) and they say that there was no reason why the blew up, just one day a video did extremely well and their channel took off!  I agree with that statement, but I do have a few tips that can help with that.

First of all do something you love to do!  Nobody wants to listen to a person bitch and complain about how much they hate whatever it is they’re doing!

Second of all, I feel it is a great idea to have some form of schedule whether it’s one video a day or one per week try to make sure it is at the same time or day!  I say this because I know a lot of people watch Television and I would ask you this, If your show comes on Saturday at 8 pm each week and you tune in each week at 8 pm knowing it will be on.  How pissed off would you be if one Saturday it just wasn’t on or it was moved to Thursday?  People have lives and schedules and if they know when you release a video they will most likely keep coming back those days or times to see the next one.

The third point is to talk to or join groups with people who do similar stuff like you do or want to do.  By Doing this you can help each other by introducing one another to the subs you have thus increasing your audience.

The final point is to find yourself a role model who does what you want to do or has a channel that you love and look at what they do.  Check out how they do their thumbnails, find out the software they use to edit videos and the equipment they use.  Don’t be afraid to send them a tweet or message either they may actually answer!


Hope this helps even a little bit best of luck to all of you!  Much Love, Much Respect!

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