How to get Early Access to Games!?

Some people have asked, “How do I get Early Access to Games?”  I’m going to tell you right now, it’s not that easy!  Not trying to discourage anyone from trying it’s just not that easy!  BUT! I will try to help you now with a few tips.  First thing I can say is as a small channel (under 1000 subs) you will find it more difficult to get started. Be persistent and keep asking game developers for access, hopefully one will like your style and give you a chance.  How I got my start was by sending out emails every day to sometimes 100’s of games I thought I would enjoy playing.  I looked online for “How to get Early Access Games” I spoke with many people I play games with and asked them for advice.  I will save you some of the heart ache and leg work by just giving you a few websites to try out and a insider tip!

The First website some of you may know already but it is an excellent resource for some wonderful Early Access games.  It is called  This a site that a majority of smaller game developers will use to get their projects up and running.  This site has free games and paid games in all price ranges.  Some of these games are high quality others, not so much.  That being said it is an amazing resource for getting games to create content for YouTube.

The Second site is AlphaBetaGamer This is a bit different that but has a similar idea, devs will post their Early Access games to get some press (promotion) and even some AAA titles will post of Beta testing opportunities here.  Most games are free or are demo versions that you can try out.  Again a great source for finding material to create content for YouTube.

Now for the insider tip you have all been waiting for…  This is not as amazing as you might think but if you don’t know this it will save a lot of time.  Look for PR people on the web, whether it be from your favourite AAA Developer or otherwise each will most likely have a PR person.  Contact this person and 1000’s of others asking if you can have access to their game or be considered for a future project.  Also I recommend asking them if they know of anyone that they can put you in touch with who may be able to help you with your venture.

My biggest thing I can say is to not give up!  Keep asking, keep searching and keep creating content!  Some one will like what you do and give you a chance.  Then from there keep asking and looking, never stop!  Currently the way I do things I can be given access to over 30 games a month and sometimes have to turn down offers because I am too busy.  I don’t say this to gloat I say it because HARD WORK PAYS OFF!  Nothing will just be given to you.  I saying to remember is this “You need to work harder than anyone else, you need to be the first person in and the last person out! When everyone else goes to bed you keep working.  Get up earlier, send more emails, tweet more and you will be happy with the results!”

Most importantly, do the things you love!  Don’t accept something just because it’s there or your first one, take the one that fits you best that will showcase your talent!

Best of Luck and Keep going!  No one can stop you except for yourself!



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